• Research in digital technologies

    Our laboratories

Sharing knowledge

Our teams work in two innovative incubators to share our knowledge and technical means on technologies and methods related to eco-responsible digital communication.
We have dedicated workspaces and a FabLabs on both sites located in departments highly committed to environmental protection. You can come and meet us at these locations only by appointment in order to guarantee maximum confidentiality.

Fields of Research

SIGNÉCO Laboratory

Software architecture for digital communication

We work to develop low consumption IT solutions.

WIS'IT Laboratory

Advanced home automation and nanocomputers

We are looking for very low-consumption IT solutions for home automation and nanocomputers.


Stand-alone medical solutions

We develop computer solutions for information processing that have the particularity of being autonomous.

CHLORODIA Laboratory

Science and space popularization solutions

We develop pedagogical solutions to promote microgravity life sciences experimentations.

ALTERIUM Laboratory

Multimedia creation solutions

We develop tailor-made multimedia supports for your visual and sound identity needs.