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Our services in innovative project management

  • Feasibility study

  • Competitive analysis

  • Identification of crucial points

  • Assessment of existing technologies

  • Prototype design

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Our experts, software architects and designers work together to give sense to your innovation. Our objective is to make your idea viable to give it an economic reality and provide you with immediate control over its implementation costs. We work with collaborative tools that give you a real-time overview of the tasks in progress and their economic constraints on the whole project.

In addition, our design managers and software architects use a highly secure technical platform to guarantee the confidentiality of data throughout the life of the project. Sensitive data are kept close to you while remaining accessible to people with the right credentials.

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1. The feasibility study :
t determines whether or not the concept is feasible, considering the available technological context at the time of the study.
Moreover, it allows to quantify with precision the cost of the realization of a prototype.

2. The business model: :
It indicates whether the concept will be profitable but also how future developments of the project will be financed.
In addition, it integrates the prototype's manufacturing and technical platform funding.

3. The building of a prototype :
The prototype makes it possible to check the viability of the business model, to highlight the functional problems and the difficulties of maintenance or evolutions of the concept.
In addition, the prototype gives a relevant presentation of the idea that we wish to share with our partners and other sponsors.
Finally, a prototype protects your innovation during public presentations because it represents the viability of the concept.

SIGMA-VISION.COM can achieve these 3 steps for you.


& Dévelopment

With us, you can follow the progress of all tasks on a daily basis through a decisional anlaysis software developed by our teams: L.E.A.P. Rally®
Our CHLORODIA® lab can provide you with a collaborative technical platform to ensure secured communication with your partners throughout the life of the project.
The combination of our know-how in information processing and the expertise of our specialists gives us the opportunity to deal with a large number of industrial subjects related to the environment.