& Software architecture

A suitable solution for specific needs

For us, each software has to meet specific functionalities for which the end user is at the center of strategic decisions.

Our services

Feasibility studies

Our experts will analyze your concept and check whether it is viable with current technologies and where the crucial points in your project will be.

Competitive analysis

Our experts will analyze the market to suggest a positioning strategy to differentiate your software from the competition.

UX Design

Our graphic designers and prototypers take care of designing the graphical interface of your application or software for you.

Software architecture

Our software architects write the specifications and functional reports for a synthetic and relevant vision of your project.

Software coding

Our technicians take care of writing your software in recent and proven languages according to the purpose of your program..

Open Interface Model

Our software architects design mobile applications that can communicate with Open Interface software.

Project services

Technical analysis of your software project

Operational assistance in the drafting of your specifications and functional coverage

700 €

A.P.I. type application

Interconnect your applications to gain efficiency or optimize your cross-selling

2500 €

Application for SmartPhone

A connected application to sell your products or provide a service
Price per day from:

3500 €

Services per day

Software architecture

An analysis and support in the design and coding of a web application or software
Tarif à la journée de :

625 €

Development of business applications

An analysis and coding of a custom software delivered ready-to-use with its commented sources
Price per day from:

470 €

Audit & Growth Strategy

A complete audit followed by an operational strategy to gain new customers

Multi-media communication solutions

Packaging, window displays, printed media, digital media and goodies.

SIGNÉCO ® Department
In order to meet your expectations in terms of cross-channel marketing, we have a specific department for this activity, which allows us to offer you mutualized services with a high quality/price ratio and which will help you in the design and creation of advertising support for your software's marketing.

Research & Development

Do you have an innovative idea that doesn't exist on the market?
Then our media researchers, software architects and analysts are here to help you turn it into reality.